复古传奇sfA rakeback deal is essential to any serious poker player. Playing a lot of poker, regardless if one wins or loses, results in big amounts of rake paid to the poker rooms. Rakeback gets you a fair chunk of this money back.

Below is an updated list of top rakeback deals that we offer. Claim them simply creating an account via the link associated with the offer.


Name Deal Highlight Available in Details
Natural8  Natural8
Play poker with the Chinese
Play poker with the Chinese Details
BetOnline  BetOnline
100% $2,500 Bonus
100% $2,500 Bonus Details
Global Poker  Global Poker
Play Poker in 50 US states LEGALLY!
Play Poker in 50 US states LEGALLY! Details


Name Bonus Country Website
HighStakes  HighStakes
Play With The Pros
Play With The Pros Details
TigerGaming  TigerGaming
$2,500 Bonus Clearing at 33%
$2,500 Bonus Clearing at 33% Details
Unibet  Unibet
€200 Instant Bonus
€200 Instant Bonus Details
Tonybet Poker  Tonybet Poker
100% up to €2000
100% up to €2000 Details

Why rakeback?

Rakeback and VIP deals offered via HighstakesDB give a player the highest possible rewards for playing poker online, whether it be for fun or professionally. The deals give a rebate, a rakeback, on all fees taken from the pots or buy-ins when playing poker for real money. When much time is spent at the online poker tables these fees add up to big amounts of money in the long run. With rakeback you receive up to 50% of this back, and can easily turn a loser into a winner.

Exclusive Promotions and Rake races

On top of the rakeback and vip deals players signed up via HighstakesDB are offered a series of benefits that other players wont. Every month there are several ongoing rake races and promotions that are exclusive to players signed up via this website, and that adds a lot to a player's total rewards. Simply compare the players rake/points relative to their rewards in the promotions listed above to see what we're talking about.

Different rakeback and VIP deals

复古传奇sf There is a variety of different deals the poker rooms offer to get customers to play with them, but most can be sorted into two categories; rakeback deals and loyalty programs. Rakeback means that the player receives a flat percentage back of the rake and fees paid to the poker room within a certain period. The length of these periods depend on the poker room, but is normally daily, weekly or monthly. After a rakeback period has ended, the rakeback money is automatically deposited into the players' poker accounts.

Loyalty programs (VIP deals) on the other hand do not have a set percentage in regards to how much of the players' rake that will be given back. Instead this depends on the volume players put in, but they all follow the same rule, the more and the higher one plays, the more rewards (rakeback) received. The benefit is that the returns can often exceed what a player would receive with a normal rakeback deal, once the higher VIP levels have been reached.

Can I be sure to receive my rakeback or VIP rewards?

A few websites that refer players to poker rooms choose to pay their players themselves. Easily put this means that the poker room is paying the affiliate who then forward these payments to the players. HighstakesDB has chosen not to do this. Instead of acting a middle man we have the poker rooms pay the players their rewards directly into their accounts. HighstakesDB works solely with reputable poker rooms and as a player you can therefore rely on receiving the rewards both regularly and on time.