An upward curve with barely a glitch over three years play and an arrhythmic brute of a graph for another three or four – that is the tale of two sites for Dutch online pro Carlo van Ravenswoud, battling the best at the highstakes tables on Full Tilt and PokerStars.

By: Andrew Burnett

Playing on Full Tilt under the moniker Carlooo13, the man from the Netherlands kicked off his rise to highstakes online fortune, and some fame too, late in 2012 -  and by the time July 2015 came around he could boast a $2.55million profit.

That final 6 months was a monster – a $1.2million crush of the world’s best players, helped by pots such as this one – his biggest on FT, flopping a full house and winning the run out twice – against Phil Polarizing Ivey

Over on PokerStars, however, van Ravenswoud - under the nickname Ravenswood13 - was finding the nosebleed grind a lot less profitable

Two years of modest success to start with was followed by a horrendous couple of years – 2015 and 2016 plunging him over $1million into the red复古传奇sf at one point…

With stakes ranging from $100/200 up to $300/600, the swings on PokerStars were much more noticeable – still playing his favourite PLO but not quite able to run as hot as he did on Full Tilt.

The world’s best players, however, don’t take setbacks lying down – and come 2017 it was a reinvigorated van Ravenswoud who would end the year as the third biggest winner at the highstakes cash tables on PS.

A whopping $814,543 dragged him out of the hole and back to breakeven on the red spade site, only the enigmatic BERRI_SWEET ($1,769,395) and Timofey Trueteller Kuznetsov ($1,454,838) performing better.

Here’s a crazy little hand played against none other than Elior Crazy Elior Sion:

If we could ignore the trials and tribulations of van Ravenswoud’s PokerStars struggle he’d be up there in the top 20 all-time online winners at the highest stakes, but even though we can’t, Carlo van Ravenswoud’s place among the very best in the online game复古传奇sf is in no doubt at all.


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