You can find Brian Fite streaming poker action almost daily on Twitch under his bfizz11 moniker alongside fellow GG Poker team members. You'll also find him coaching and staking another team of players via Turbo Kings.

It's a busy schedule, but it's one that fizz obviously enjoys, as he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. With online cashes totaling more than $3 million复古传奇sf, why should he?

HighstakesDB had an opportunity to ask fizz a few questions about his life as a poker pro, streamer, and coach. Here are his answers:

Q: First of all can you give us a quick sentence on who you are for any of our readers who might not know you?

Of course. I have been around a long time but not streaming or creating content until pretty recently. I go by bfizz11 on Stars and my name is Brian Fite. I'm the original 180-man SNG grinder from 2009 and have been playing MTTs, staking and coaching players for the last 10 years. I am also bfizz11 on Twitch and currently streaming my play daily. I am a proud member of the GG Poker Stream Team and also the founder/owner of Turbo Kings Staking.

Q: You have been around for a long time now boasing $3.5M in online tracked cashes. What's the best change you have seen in online poker over the years and what is the worst?

It's hard to identify good changes, but there have been great additions to the poker community in general. PokerGO, the live scene as a whole, Twitch, more sites to play on, WSOP breaking records, content producers - there is a lot of good things happening and people are falling in love with the game every day which is very valuable even though we still struggle to compete on a global level due to restrictions a lot of countries face. I am an American who has been forced out of the USA to continue playing on the main poker sites. I love 's tournament schedule - one of the best in the world and I genuinely look forward to playing full sessions on when I am in the USA visiting family, but it's worth it to live out of the country and have more tournaments available when you play at the level I do.

Q: Currently what are your top 3 sites to play on and why?

GG Poker - Insanely good VIP program and overlay which are like pure ROI, plus a sick tourney lineup with several must-plays scattered thoroughout and a $100k GTD monthly Tournament Leaderboard. I am basically guaranteed $500/month just for the leaderboard and rakeback can get to 50% pretty easily for high volume grinders.

PokerStars - Best tournaments and software in the industry. Tough to compete with a $109 1M and $11 200k-

- Perfect tourney schedule for my preferences and easy to move money with crypto, great for nightly sessions and Sunday tourneys are sick.

Q: are currently challenging Stars for the first time in maybe a decade with big online events. Do you see yourself moving a lot of your play to there or is Stars always going to be your number 1 choice?

I try to avoid using words like always and never in any poker related conversation (haha), but I think it's safe to say that is no where close to being a true challenger to PokerStars for the top spot. It's night and day difference still IMO for the traffic, quality of and playing experience, and the game offerings.

Q: What made you start a Twitch channel and what separates you from the other streamers out there?

Originally, I lived in a house in Mexico that had terrible internet - good enough to grind - but not to stream. But man I loved that house and didn't want to move just to get internet to stream. Then PokerStars signed me as the Tournament coach for their Online Poker School and it required streaming on their channel. That lead to creating my own channel and fell in love with it right away. What separates me from every one else is just simply me. There is no other 10-year pro who is staking and coaching a large group of players and recruiting more and more students every stream. It's just not happening anywhere else. Now that I am streaming almost daily, I expect my channel to triple in size (6k followers to 20k~) over the next 11 months.

Q: What is your biggest online score and can you tell us more about when it happened, how and what it felt like?

Funny story here. I was living in poker house #2 of my career. The first one I was the student, but this one was the first poker house I established as the coach. I had a non-student friend living with me also who goes by the online name of 'OLD TIME GIN' and he was and still is a legend in the game. I'm sure a lot of readers know him. Anyway, we were up bullshitting on Saturday night back in 2009 before either of us were super into Sunday Major MTTs. He randomly said to me 'Hey Fizz, you playing the Sunday Warmup tomorrow?' I was like huh? What? No of course not I don't play high stake ($215 buy-in) tournaments bro! And then he said OK I'll stake you 50/50 no makeup like it was Rounders or something. So of course I snap-called his offer and woke up early to play it. Ended up 3/3 and finding a miracle ladder with a few BB to get heads-up and secure just over $100,000 and my biggest career score. Since then I have had a $63k score in the Sunday Million, $35k score on 's OSS Main Event and dozens of scores between $10-25k. What did the $100k feel like? Shit, can't put that into words. I was so young, so fresh, so dumb! I felt like the world was mine for the taking - still does to be honest!

Q: New year, new me: Do you have any resolutions or plans for this year? What can we expect to see from you?

I posted on Facebook that this year instead of goals and resolutions - my master plan is to talk less. Do more. So you can expect me to crush tournaments this year, build my team, create an impactful presence in our community with Turbo Kings and stream more hours than 99% of other poker streamers. If I stay in my lane and do me, I think the rest will
fall into place right where it needs to be.

Q: US facing sites: How profitable are these? Have the US players fallen behind trends?

I have played about 10% of my overall career volume on USA sites, and have made more than 25% of my career profit on them. I went home for a Christmas vacation this last year (2018) and played 30~ tournaments on and won over $10k with no scores bigger than $3500. and Bovada are crazy juicy because, yeah, USA players are weak sauce in general due to falling behind the trends.

Q: Streamers are starting to get signed up as pros from top poker rooms. Have you had many offers? Any certain room you would love to work with?

Yeah it's pretty straigt-forward. Streamers quickly become influencers, and influencers get paid to help big companies market their product. The bigger your channel, the bigger your influence. The bigger your influence, well you get the point. Several sites have approached me, starting with PokerStars as I previously mentioned. I chose to NOT resign my contract for a 2nd year with the PokerStars School because of all the other opportunity within the market space. I am currently the newest member of the GG Poker Stream Team and work very closely with them. They didn't even approach me though - I approached them. I really admired their VIP program and saw a lot of potential in the growth of the site so I contacted them and asked if they wanted to partner up. That was a couple months ago and I have loved it ever since. I plan to continue pushing forward and am excited about what doors might open in the future, but am focused on right now mostly. I planned the future a long time ago - it's all about execution now. Grind on stream, get better every week, provide a quality service and product that is truly good value and make a positive impact on a lot of people across the world while doing it - that's the plan and I'm sticking to it.

Q: Who are the top 3 online poker MTT players doing it right now?

Super tough question, well played. I won't name names because I am a nit, but the alternating names at the top of PocketFives tournament rankings + big time stable owners who play super high stakes + the live killers = the big time players really DOING IT. The rest of us are grinding out living that equate to a few buy-ins for those guys. Lex is in a league of his own on Twitch and has an insanely bright future, but there are so many damn insanely good crushers earning massive EV right now that it's truly astonishing. Keep grinding guys, the dream is alive and well.

You can check out Fite's Twitch channel at and his website at .


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