Richard Dubini is already a household name in Argentinas poker circles, sitting 7th in the nations all-time moneywinners list with $1,750,000 in live earnings. If his poker dream comes true, however, he will be recognised worldwide.

By: Andrew Burnett

HighStakesDB caught up with the young star to find out more about his life, his poker dreams and what being boss for the day would entail!

Poker in Argentina

Q: When did poker first become a serious option (alternative to work/career) in Argentina?

I started playing poker in 2010 when I was in college, but it has been my profession since 2011. In those years there were a few professionals in Argentina and it started to be a more common option.

Q: How is ‘poker professional’ perceived by the general public in Argentina/South America?

At the beginning it was tough and people didn’t really understand it as a serious job. Now it is improving and professional poker players are becoming more respected and the more people in this profession helps.

Q: Who have you learned most from?

At the beginning from friends, in those years we were a big group of friends traveling and playing poker all day. They helped me a lot.

Q: What is your proudest moment in the game?

When I won the CAP (Argentine Poker Circuit) it was not a big score but it was the first tournament I ever won and I will always remember how proud I felt.

Life as a partypoker pro

Q: What has brought to you/players in general?

brought hope to poker players when the game of poker was dying. They have a great Live Tour and they put on online MTT series all with huge guarantees. They are ambitious and I think players appreciate the efforts that is making to listen to their suggestions and improve the game for them.

Q: makes you ‘boss for a day’ – what happens?

I just play poker, I would never be able to do that job. The team make so many decisions on a daily basis and they’re doing a great job, trying to make many things better for poker players.

Q: What are your ‘must play’ events in the calendar a) live and b) online?

The structure and guarantees of the Millions events are great. If you add to this the amazing locations, such as Rio and the Bahamas, they are a must play. Online for sure that is Powerfest, I never want to miss that.

Q: Design your own perfect tournament – what does it look like?

For sure it would be a Millions and there’s not much I would change. I would hold it in Iguazu, Argentina, in my home country which would be such a proud moment for me. But for it to be perfect I would have to finish 1st!

Dubini Dreaming Big!

Q: What is the most memorable/ridiculous/amazing poker experience you’ve had?

It was in the WSOP Main Event 2017, I was with a great friend and player Damian Salas sharing a room and we were both with big stacks with only 27 players left (and $10million top), it was amazing and ridiculous, what are the odds?? I finished 12th and he made the final table. One of my best memories of poker ever.

Q: What are your ultimate goals in the game?

Probably the same as many poker players, but I want to win the WSOP Main Event. It is my dream since I started playing poker. Dream BIG!!!

Q: Outside of poker, what brings you most enjoyment in life?

Spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends.


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Q: How much money would you have to be offered to give up poker?

Poker is my passion, I would not be happy if I leave it so I don’t think any money would make me want to give it up completely.

While Richard’s next chance at WSOP Main Event glory is still a few months away, he has the MILLIONS LIVE South America to look forward to soon, as well as the BIG GAME复古传奇sf to keep himself busy online.

Will 2019 be the year that Argentina’s finest dominates the headlines?


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