When Jake Cody put his entire $60,000 winnings from after taking down February's partypoker UK Championships £2,200 High Roller on a single spin of the roulette wheel it made not only the poker media but also the national and international news pages. Jake has now revealed what made him place such a reckless bet with what was his biggest live tourney win in 3.5 years!

The PokerStars pro has never been known as a particularly big gambler off the poker tables so it came as something of a surprise (to say the least) when video footage taken on a cellphone emerged of Cody at a roulette table surrounded by spectators with his High Roller trophy sitting on black. The spin was set in motion by casino owner and high stakes poker player Rob Yong. When the ball landed squarely in 22 black the room erupted and Cody had doubled his winnings in one fell swoop.

Above: Dusk till Dawn boss Rob Yong shook hands with Jake Cody and spun the roulette wheel for the $120k spin

复古传奇sf Talking to last week, the Rochdale pro was the first to admit that it was a very out of character move saying;

"It was kind of a one-off. People that know me, know I play a bit of table games – blackjack, a bit of craps – but I'm not some wild gambler. In general, I want to gamble with an edge. I want to play poker, have some sportsbetting friends I'll follow if I think there's a good bet with an edge."

Apparently talk of the gambling the winnings initially started with one of Cody's friends mentioning it and the PokerStars pro agreeing that it would be a funny thing to do, although he had no intention of doing it. This started a chinese whisper whereby other people, hearing about the "bet" second hand assumed it had been agreed in principle. After a few people had come up to Cody复古传奇sf asking him about the bet he eventually announced that if he won the tournament then he would do it - so the odds of the bet having to be played out were still pretty small.

As we all know, however, after a four-way deal was struck, Cody ended up taking down the tournament and felt obliged to go through with the absurd bet, announcing, "OK, I guess I'm not backing down now".

As you can see in the footage below, once the ball finished its spin it just plopped immediately into 22 black and stayed there. As Cody told Pokernews, "It was insane. It just landed on black perfectly, too. It just stopped dead, it looked a little bit rigged actually."

Although this is not something he would have done without the peer pressure, Cody admitted that he partially went through with it because he thought it would make a good story, saying;

"It sounds kind of silly but I base a lot of my life decisions based on how good of a story it would be. I thought it would be a good story."

He certainly wasn't wrong on that count as after the cellphone footage was posted to facebook and shared over other social media platforms Jake found himself in demand for Newspaper articles and the story appeared on websites across the globe. In Cody's words;

"The fact I won and it gained so much social media attention too, it honestly couldn't have worked out too much better"


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