Perhaps PokerStars pro Jake Cody saw our article speculating on which PokerStars pros could be next to go if they don't up their game as not only did the affable English pro just win the partypoker UK Championships £2,200 High Roller for £42,670 ($60,000), but he then went on to create a huge buzz at the Dusk till Dawn Casino by putting all his winnings on black!

Cody had won the event after a four-way deal with Ben Longstaff, Martin Olali, and Andrew Garland, and the $60k cash represents Cody's biggest live tournament win since he finished 5th at EPT London in October 2014 for $215k.

Despite this being Cody's largest live tourney cash for some time he obviously isn't short of a few bucks as he promptly made his way over to the casino's roulette table in an attempt to double up his winnings. Cheered on by a crowd of friends and well-wishers Cody convinced Dusk till Dawn owner (and high stakes poker enthusiast) Rob Yong to do the honours. Cody's luck held and he managed to double his winnings to £85,260 ($120,000) as the ball slid into 22 black!

Luckily for us Cody's big spin was uploaded to facebook by fellow UK poker pro Antoinius Samuel

New Year, New Jake

Earlier in the day Cody复古传奇sf tweeted that he had finally released another Vlog in which he explained his absence from the vlogging scene over the last nine months.

Cody began vlogging a year ago and gained generally positive reviews for his efforts until they stopped with no explanation after his 12th video last May. In yesterday's upload Jake explains the reason behind his absence was the effect of the breakdown of his relationship with his long-term partner and the mother of his daughter. Cody said he didn't feel in a positive enough place to continue to vlog and needed to work on himself. The good news is that he is now back on top form and ready to resume vlogging. He also was happy to report that during his absence he has spent a lot of time grinding in Macau and is on something of an upswing. We're guessing the $120,000 he won at the poker and roulette tables this weekend certainly won't have done his mood (or his bank balance) any harm either!


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