luvtheWNBA got revenge on Denoking yesterday with a $346k HU NLHE win

Just over a week ago, Denoking put a $289k beating on Ike "luvtheWNBA" Haxton at Full Tilt's $300/$600 NLHE tables. This time it was Haxton's turn to walk away a big winner, as he won $346.1k from Denoking after an epic 10 hour three table battle at the same limits.

Going into the match, Denoking was already up over $87k after a successful hour long three table session of $200/$400 against Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene and was no doubt looking for another sizeable win over Haxton.

Things didn't start well for Denoking, however, as luvtheWNBA worked up a $200k lead during the first couple of hours of play. The match was anything but a walk in the park for Haxton though, as Denoking clawed back the $200k in a little over an hour. This was to set the precendent for much of the match, with luvtheWNBA establishing a big six figure lead, only to be pegged back by his opponent.

复古传奇sf During the next few hours luvtheWNBA saw another $200k and a $300k lead wiped out by Denoking, who, after 85% of the match had actually established a near $100k lead of his own. It was a big +$400k upswing during the final hour and a half which enabled Haxton to leave the table with his huge win. Unsurprisingly, this match also had it's fair share of six figure pots. Here are the biggest three:

luvtheWNBA wins the biggest pot of the session without going to showdown as Denoking folds on the river - $233.8k pot

Haxton tries to steal this $224.4k pot when a third heart hits the river. Denoking was the one to make a flush, however, and he scoops the pot.

Denoking's straight is no good against luvtheWNBA's J high flush - $200k pot to luvtheWNBA

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom took second spot on the day's high stakes leaderboard after his early morning exploits at the 8-Game tables. As his big session from Tuesday evening spilled into Wednesday, he won nearly $300k from tables opened after midnight. However, his daily haul was reduced slightly after he lost $100k after playing 4 hours at the 2-7 TD tables heads-up against taktloss47.

复古传奇sf WIth just under $100k in winnings, taktloss47 kept up his winning ways at the TD tables this week. He is up $628.6k since the weekend.

Yesterday's Biggest Winnners

luvtheWNBA +$346.1k

Isildur1 +$189.3k

复古传奇sf taktloss47 +$99.4k

PostflopAction +$66.2k

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