A big day for Dan "jungeman12" Cates who won $700k, mainly against Denoking in the NLHE games

The high stakes tables at Full Tilt ran for 24 hours straight yesterday, with big games at the NLHE and 8-Game tables, with lots of big pots, big winners, and big swings.

The day's biggest winner was Dan "jungleman12复古传奇sf" Cates, who resumed his recent $200/$400 NLHE heads-up battle with Denoking yesterday.

After Denoking won a near $100k battle a couple of days ago jungleman12 more than got his revenge yesterday, winning over $620k after seven hours play, mostly over three tables.

复古传奇sf Cates lead for the vast majority of the match, with Denoking fighting hard to keep up for the first couple of hours before Cates began to pull away, extending his lead for the last few hours of the match. The match spawned 16 six figure pots, with the largest actually going to Denoking:

jungleman12 tries to steal this $210.4k pot复古传奇sf by re-raising on the river. However, Denoking obviously has a good hand as he pushes his final few thousand into the pot, forcing jungleman12 to fold

Most of the day's big action took place at the mixed game tables, with the tables open from the early hours of yesterday, right through to the early hours of today.

The biggest winner was PostflopAction, who put in 13 hours work to win his $657.1k win. Most of his profit came from table Khan, where he won over $430k in total, playing against Isildur1, Alexonmoon, samrostan, punting-peddler, jungleman12, and Gus Hansen.

Hansen was the only player ever present at the tables, putting in a 24hr shift,resulting in a $287.3k profit. It was a fine effort from the Full Tilt pro who was $521k up at around 2.30pm, only to lose over $700k to be down over $200k before 5pm. A late night fight back, especially against Isildur1 enabled Hansen to book his third straight six figure win in a row. During his downswing, Hansen was on the wrong end of both of the day's biggest pots.

Alexonmoon is a big favourite all the way as he flops the nut flush draw to go with his pocket Aces in this $300/$600 PLO pot. Hansen does have outs on both the flop and turn, but fails to convert as Alexonmoon takes this $336.9k pot

A bit of a cooler for Hansen as he flops top two pair and a flush draw while Isildur1 flops top set. No spade appears on either run of the turn and river and Isildur1 scoops this $286.3k pot

复古传奇sf There were also big wins in the 8-Game for punting-peddler who won $303.4k, winning most of his money in the evening sessions, and Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau, who enjoyed another big win, bagging $298.1k. Luneau is now up over $742k over the past three days.

It wasn't such a great day for samrostan, who undid all of his good work from the past week, losing $1.1m yesterday. Isildur1复古传奇sf also continued his downswing with a $194k loss, despite being up $230k at around midnight.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

jungleman12 +$699k

PostflopAction +$657.1k

复古传奇sf punting-peddler +$303.4k

Alexonmoon +$298.1k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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