Viktor Blom

The third Superstars Showdown just ended and Isildur1 managed to hit his second victory after a solid $51k profit against w00ki3z. (Daniel "Jungleman12" Cates).

Isildur1 started out great and over the first 250 hands he was up about $30k but w00ki3z worked himself back pretty quick and was for the most part the leader in the match over the first 2000 hands. But, with less than 500 hands left Isildur1 started to hit a couple of big hands and then turned up the speed and made alot of nice moves:

Isildur1 hits a perfect river and wins his largest hand in the match, $49k pot
w00ki3z wins his largest hand after a time-bank call on the turn, $54k pot
isildur1 makes a great call after a bluff attempt from w00ki3z, $28k pot

We will make one more report from this match tomorrow with some more info and graphs. For more info you can also check out the .


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