Video Poker is a staple of the gaming community and it’s one of the oldest games that you can still see on the floor. However, many people will complain that it is “same old, same old” with a ton of Video Poker games.

Honestly, the people who make those complaints really aren’t wrong. Video Poker has not seen a ton of evolution since its birth, and that can be a bit frustrating to those who play the game.

If Video Poker is going to survive as a popular game instead of just a fringe one, it is going to have to make many changes to stick around. Some of these are more obvious than others, and not all of them will be popular for everyone. Even more of these ideas may not be implemented to their full potential for one reason or another.

复古传奇sf Regardless, if you are a video poker fan, these are some of the ways that you would probably enjoy seeing games change in the future. Many of these changes are a real possibility with changes in technology or attitudes in the near future.

Game Varieties

This is one of the biggest growth potential areas that has a whole. Many people would say that the problem with Video Poker is that it is too stale and that the game has remained the same for tens of years.

Let’s go ahead with the argument and assume that these people are right. What ways could Video Poker change to give players a new and exciting atmosphere?

Well, to look at slot machines helps you understand why people think that Video Poker is getting pretty stale. Slot machines have evolved over time and if you go online today, you can find thousands of different games and designs for every different kind of slot machine out there. There are slot machines based on themes, there are slot machines based on movies, there are even slot machines based off of famous singers or even individual songs!

复古传奇sf Slot machines’ popularity do not stop with the different designs around the screen however. If all of these machines were the same thing, but had different “backgrounds”, everyone would still get bored. However there are even different kinds of reels, payout systems, paylines, bonus opportunities – the variety of sitting down to play a certain slot means that you will get a fairly unique experience each time you find a new game to play.

复古传奇sf What about Video Poker? The same cannot be said for these machines. Generally speaking, you are probably playing “Jacks or Better” or “Deuces Wild”. These games are popular because they are reasonably fun, but for a long-time player who has been around the block, it may help to try to come up with some new ideas or some new design ideas that could be implemented into these extremely popular variety of games.

复古传奇sf It may not be an easy change to make, and certainly there will always be a portion of the crowd who wants traditional Video Poker with no new anything, but it is worth a try to generate some new interest in their machines to either give Video Poker some design upgrades or some slight design changes to add a little bit of excitement into the machine.

Pay Tables

This can be a very tricky topic. It’s tricky because it does not apply to every Video Poker machine in the world, however as a generalization it can be said that the house edge is growing slightly on different Video Poker machines. Of course, games could become more popular if the house edge was decreased, but most people who are Video Poker fans are simply asking for a bit more of a “standard” pay table for certain games.

It’s hard to have to search through different games and think about your odds of winning a specific hand and then trying to do the math to see if you should be worried about a 9/6 table or an 8/5 table, or what that means. Most people are playing to experience a little bit of a break from their normal stress, so doing all that math isn’t fun.

If there were an easier way to make sure that everyone knew they were going to have a reasonable chance at having some fun, the “” of finding a solid pay table might be decreased a bit.

Jackpot Opportunities

复古传奇sf This is one area where Video Poker could see a lot of growth in the future. Right now, the best hand you can hope to hit in a Video Poker game is a “” and payouts for this hand will be different depending on what machine you are playing.

复古传奇sf However, regardless of what machine you’re on, you are likely not sitting at a “Progressive” jackpot machine which means the payout for a hand like this could keep going up and up. Obviously, it would be a lot more tempting to keep playing if you saw that the top prize kept growing as well.

This would do a lot for the “replay” factor that people seem to be losing with Video Poker and it could make for a more exciting game atmosphere all around.

The Excitement Factor

Slot machines have different bonus rounds to spice things up where as Video Poker can only offer the same setting over and over again. While it may be hard to implement, it would be great to see Video Poker trying to make some strides in things like “free” spins or other bonus areas that could be rare but would still be manageable. This would add a bit more excitement into the game so that it would attract more new players in the future!


复古传奇sf Video Poker is still a massively popular game when it comes to how many people want to play it. However, there are ways that Video Poker could implement some changes so that this traditional game will attract even more fans looking farther into the future.


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