The first bracelet of the 2020 World Series of Poker has gone to Jonathan Dokler, as the online version of the annual poker festival saw Phil Hellmuth running deep as he chased a 16th bracelet...

By: Andrew Burnett

The opening event of the WSOP took place on, 31 bracelets up for grabs this month on the restricted US-facing site and a further 54 bracelets to come on GGPoker.

Phil Hellmuth has moved into the ARIA for the duration, a VIP suite with views over Vegas providing an excellent space for the Poker Brat复古传奇sf’s WSOP grind…

Hellmuth - under his online moniker Lumestackin, an anagram of Luckiest man - was one of 1715 entries to the $500 buy-in NLHE Kickoff.

The prizefund of $771,750 offered up $130k to the eventual winner, as well as the coveted jewellery, and Big Phil wasn’t the only well-known name in the mix as the opener came down to the critical stages, Tony Dunst and Shawn Daniels among his rivals.

It was Daniels who finally ended Hellmuth’s bid for glory, the 15-time WSOP champion losing a huge flip, the flop a terrible blow…

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Phil 'Lumestackin' Hellmuth: Q♣ Q♦
Shawn 'SayGoodNight' Daniels: A♥ K♠
Flop: K♦ 6♥ 8♠
Turn: 7♠
River: 5♥

Hellmuth naturally shared his ‘bad luck’ on Twitter, but his 11th place finish and $7,871复古传奇sf cash made for an excellent opening tale for the enforced WSOP online format

Daniels would go on to bag 4th place and a $42,060 cash, while Tony Dunst –  the well-known pro and WPT commentator – bagged 3rd spot for more than $57k.

Heads-up for the opening bracelet of 2020 saw Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler facing Justin 'MadTitan' Turner, and Turner was unable to overcome a big chip deficit.

The final hand played out as follows, Dokler calling Turner’s pre-flop shove:

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Justin 'MadTitan' Turner: 10♠ 6♠
Jonathan 'Art.Vandelay' Dokler: 4♥ 4♠
Flop: 3♦ 5♠ 6♣
Turn: 2♥
River: 5♦

That was enough to give Dokler his biggest career victory, $130,426 and a first WSOP bracelet following an excellent display of poker.

Final results:

1 Jonathan Art.Vandelay Dokler $130,426
2 Justin MadTitan Turner $80,416
3 Tony Panoramic Dunst $57,881
4 Shawn SayGoodNight Daniels $42,060
5 Michael DDSpade Balan $30,947
6 Kyle ChefShap Shappelle $22,998
7 Daniel djp1006 Park $17,287
8 Mark NostraDonkus Liedtke $13,120
9 Taylor ZeroTo100 Von Kriegenbergh $10,110



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