Ike Haxton has won the Poker Masters Online PLO Series Main Event. The American high stakes crusher hadn’t cashed in any of the build up tournaments but made the big one count.

By: Mark Patrickson

15 Event Festival

The Poker Masters Online PLO Series treated the fans to an amazing display with many of the world’s best turning up to partake.

The festival culminated with a $50,000 buy-in Main Event that saw 29 entries and a $1,450,000 prize pool.

Ike Haxton wasn’t having the best of runs throughout the series but PLO can be a fickle beast at the best of times. Fortunately for him lady luck saved her best for last.

The two-day main event ended day one with only five runners left to challenge for glory. The tension was high at the start of day two as the prizes only extended down to fourth place. One unlucky player would be dipping out.

Haxton started the final day as chip leader with a commanding 2.8 million chips that grew to 3.6 million by the time of the first break. The competition was fierce as Haxton used his chip lead to abuse the bubble situation and he was soon up to 4.2 million chips with second place only holding 532,000.

Bubble Boy

Andre Filipe Santos was the unlucky guy who missed out on a pay day. Haxton got the money in with a wrap while Santos made a spurious call with only ace-high and got no help on the turn or river.

Chris Kruk复古传奇sf was next to go after getting pocket kings all in only for Haxton to turn trips and send him home.

Three-handed play was a bloody battle as Haxton incredibly lost his chip lead and spent some time as the short stack.

After an hour of this Aku Joentausta, from Finland, was knocked out by Haxton who once again held the chip lead.

Lithuania’s Grazvydas Kontautas didn’t last much longer. The remaining two players got their flush draws in, with Haxton drawing to the nuts that came on the river sealing him a great victory and $675,000复古传奇sf in prize money.

Final results:

1 Isaac Haxton $675,000
2 Grazvydas Kontautas $442,104
3 Aku Joentausta $225,000
4 Chris Kruk $157,896



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