Casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, are preparing to reopen for business on July 2nd 2020. Garden State Gov. Phil Murphy tweeted that the casinos may open at a maximum of 25% capacity.

By: Mark Patrickson

Nine casinos are currently operating in Atlantic City and they expect to receive a list of guidelines over the next few days detailing all the precautions that must be adhered to. The situation is likely to take into account what has been learned so far in Nevada.

While the casinos will certainly open up before next weekend, people are muttering that it isn’t certain that poker will be on the menu to start with.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer took a hardline when she announced that poker rooms would not be included in the initial reopening process. There is also no date penciled in for that state’s casinos to resume normal business.

The two most popular poker rooms in Atlantic City are Borgata and Harrah’s which are owned by MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment. Both of these iconic names chose to keep their poker rooms in Las Vegas closed when the action kicked off a fortnight ago.

Murphy has been noted as extremely strict during the state’s lockdown so poker players shouldn’t be getting too excited just yet. Things in NJ may take a while to get going again.

Tournaments Starting to Run

The feeling was that with shorthanded play mandatory the tournament scene would be slow to restart. Many recreational players dislike the feeling of the more aggressive dynamic when fewer people are at a table.

Speaking to, WPT Executive Tour Director Matt Savage said:

“I believe to have large scale multi-table tournaments running again, the most important thing is that some restrictions have to be lifted. Travel restrictions so that players can attend, capacity restrictions so that tournaments don’t have to be capped, and player per table restrictions so that tournaments can be played more than six-handed so that the properties that are open are fine with giving up cash games to run less profitable tournaments while maximizing attendance.”

Even before international travel restrictions are lifted, domestic travel must become much more commonplace. With the lockdown lasting for so long many pokers will be choosing to wait it out back home until the whole scene once again resembles something close to what it did in March.

Nevada Situation Fluid

When the Nevada casinos were told that it was four players maximum to a table we all thought that was the death knell for live poker in the state. Fortunately the legislators have been extremely reasonable and fluid in changing the guidelines in accordance with a fast-changing situation.

The latest update has been that The Bellagio Casino poker room now has upgraded tables that are protective enough to allow six players at once. The screening design is so good that masks are now only advised, and not required as in all other venues.

Previously masks were only advised across all properties but recently legislators upgraded the advice to mandatory for all table games without a shield between the dealer and player.

复古传奇sf Other casinos have decided to just sit back and wait before installing plexiglass on their own tables.

The Bellagio poker room is already one of the most popular on The Strip. Last weekend saw between 15-20 tables running at any one time which exceeded all expectations this early on. Sadly, Bobby’s Room复古传奇sf, the trendy high stakes room where you can see stars on a daily basis, was empty.

With the forthcoming WPT Online World Championship and World Series of Poker coming online next month many will be staying at home ready for an online grind this summer.

More Cashless Transactions

In a world that is slowly becoming a cashless society, things might be speeding up on that front in American casinos.

The American Gaming Association, the largest lobbying group for gaming in the world, are now pushing a request from their members to make cashless transactions in casinos more common.

AGA CEO Bill Miller said in a press release:

“Advancing opportunities for digital payments has been one of our top priorities since my first day at the AGA. It aligns with gaming’s role as modern, 21st century industry and bolsters our already rigorous regulatory and responsible gaming measures. The COVID-19 pandemic made it all the more important to advance our efforts to provide customers with the payment choice they are more comfortable with and have increasingly come to expect in their daily lives.”

This is an idea that will surely give more confidence to potential punters who are nervous about returning to a brick and mortar casino. Customers are going to be thin on the ground for for foreseeable future and anything that can put minds at rest will have a positive effect.


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