Between them they have racked up over $6million in profits at the online nosebleeds, and we are still no closer to putting a real-life name to them than we were when they appeared on the highstakes scene! They are our top 3 anonymous online crushers and this is their story…

By: Andrew Burnett

1.   EireAbu - $2,591,915

Let’s kick off with the unidentified flying object who landed himself 22nd spot on the all-time online nosebleed winner’s list – originally believed to be a Dutchman living out of Ireland for any poker detectives out there who fancy a spot of digging.

The PLO beast kicked off a PokerStars run shortly after Black Friday in 2011, and by the following summer had amassed $3.2 million in profit.

That 18-month sun-run was topped off with a massive hand against Jens 'Jeans89' Kyllönen when the river bricked on a gutshot and flush draw for the Finnish legend…

What followed for EireAbu was a disappointing winter of 2012, dipping down under the $2million复古传奇sf mark and it would be two long years before the anonymous PLO beast would re-emerge with another $million ascent.

As always, the rumour mill named several possibilities for EireAbu’s identity, Jorryt 'TheCleaner11' van Hoof and Jared 'Harrington10' Bleznick in the mix, but our best guess is that the crusher is actually Irish pro Andrew Grimason.

2.   Azn_baller3 - $2,088,435

Coming in at number 30 on the all-time list is azn_baller3, and this time we have very few clues as to who owns this $2million winning account.

We do know they operated out of Thailand, hence the nickname (azn=Asian if you need it spelled out!) and once more it’s a PLO-focused player – but this time with remarkably little variance showing in their climb to the top.

Though often prefer to grind the lower part of the highstakes cash games on PokerStars, azn_baller3 wasn’t out of his depth when the big boys were at the table, this following hand featuring Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom and Ilari 'Ilari FIN' Sahamies

If we had to hazard a guess, then the fact that Thai pro Pakinai Lisawad, with over $1million in live cashes, has a virtually unused Twitter account under attached to his name might be an option. Otherwise, we’ll hand this over to the poker community detectives to sort out!

3.   RaúlGonzalez - $1,470,632

Although some well-known footballers play poker, we can be pretty sure that PLO crusher RaúlGonzalez isn’t the Spanish soccer legend. Who the online beast really is, though, is open to question.

The $1.47 million winning graph looks just as it should for a man who has vied with the very best and come out on top…a steady incline pockmarked with deep trenches.

It took all of six years to top the magical $million, however, with a 370k losing streak in the late summer of 2015 along the way, as well as a $1million losing month复古传奇sf as the summer of 2017 kicked in.

Poker greats almost always bounce back from their downswings and it only took a year for RaúlGonzalez to correct that dip and reach a final tally of close to $1.5million – good for a top 50 spot in the all-time highstakes online cash game list.

Huge clashes with Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom dominate Raul’s biggest hands, the biggest of all a $150k+ pot played at $200/$400, the run it twice of no help to the Swedish phenom…

There are plenty of reasons that certain players don’t want their real name attached to online accounts, taxation being one of the biggest – recent high-profile cases of the authorities chasing players for massive sums a real concern. The flipside of that coin, of course, is... pay your dues复古传奇sf like everyone else, so at HSDB we’re happy to name, but not shame.


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