is doing their bit to keep online poker buzzing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Three months of lockdown has seen the live poker scene decimated, but fortunately the online has risen to the challenge.

By: Mark Patrickson

The way that Unibet复古传奇sf has delivered is all about keeping the casual players happy. With other sites trying to cash in on mid to high stakes live regs being unable to play, Unibet are stepping it up for the normal guys out there who are all about having fun.

Simpson’s Stream Satellites

Unibet Poker Ambassador Ian Simpson is quickly growing his following as a poker Twitch streamer. As a way of cultivating the group are currently running a series called Simpson’s Stream Satellites.

The idea behind it comes from a string of complaints from recreational players who play freerolls and end up getting crushed by pros at a later stage.

复古传奇sf The pros obviously don’t have to go through the same run of tournaments to get into a decent event, they simply just buy in directly.

In order to address this the Simpson’s Stream Satellites will require all players who get to the final event to have started in the tournament chain from the very beginning复古传奇sf. Ian Simpson will also have to play by the same rules.

复古传奇sf No pressure there then Ian. We’re sure you wouldn’t be embarrassed at all if you couldn’t play in your own final event!

复古传奇sf The satellite format runs as follows:

Buy-in Entry Prize Pool
Freeroll Password required 50 x €1 Tickets
€1 Cash or €1 Ticket 10 x €5 Tickets
€5 €5 Ticket ONLY 2 x €25 Tickets (July 3rd: 6 x €25 Tickets)
€25 €25 Ticket ONLY  

The password to play in the freeroll events can be seen when Ian Simpson is streaming. Otherwise you can start by investing only €1.

European Bounty Cup

The European Bounty Cup is a football themed bit of fun, being as we’re missing out on the real Euro Championships复古传奇sf due to the coronavirus.

From June 12th-July 12th复古传奇sf players will be able to play events representing their country. There is ample chance to fight for final glory under your national flag, but also plenty of individual prizes are up for grabs.

It’s all about racking up the bounties. The more you collect, the more you can win in four different competitions.

Country Freerolls: All bounties that are collected will add to your country’s total with the top three countries winning the chance to play in a money added freeroll. First place gets a €2,000 freeroll, second place €1,000, and third place €500.

To play in these final three events you must have played in at least one qualifying tournament.

As a sweetener, the more tournaments you played, the bigger your starting stack will be during the final freeroll.

Dream Team: It’s not only about playing for your country, you can compete for yourself. The best 11 players over the series will win cash prizes and a special Dream Team avatar.

复古传奇sf To make it fair there will be two lists divided between:

  • Low buy-in Tier: €1 to €10
  • High buy-in Tier: €25+

Championship Raffle:复古传奇sf Just to make it interesting, when you think you have no hope left for either country or self there is still the Championship Raffle to consider.

An extra €5,000 has been set aside to raffle away once the series has ended. The deal is that for every five bounties you collect, you will be given a ticket into the championship raffle.

Golden Boot:复古传奇sf In keeping with the football theme there have been some Golden Boot prizes thrown into the mix.

The top three bounty collecting players for both low and high tier will win a cash prize.

Superfast Hexapro Banzai

The popular Hexapro SnG format now has an even faster and more exciting sibling. The 3-handed hyper-turbo Sit & Go games from €1 to €100 have a prize pool multiplier ranging from 1.5 to 1,000 times your buy-in.

The Superfast Hexapro Banzai only has 300 starting chips instead of the regular 500. This means more all-ins and you will have the time to play even more tournaments than before.


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