Two casino workers in Las Vegas have tested positive for COVID-19 only two weeks after reopening.  Both were concierge staff at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a luxury resort on the famous Strip.

By: Mark Patrickson

This comes a week after the Bellagio’s Mayfair Supper Club was forced to close for four days after a kitchen worker tested positive, and Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar复古传奇sf still remains shut for the same.

Not a Good Sign

It is a bad sign复古传奇sf to be hearing this news only a fortnight after the grand reopening of the city. Are we going to be seeing more stringent control measures in the near future?

The Cosmopolitan复古传奇sf gave a statement to NBC News informing them of the situation.

“Upon being made aware, the resort took immediate action, reporting directly to the Southern Nevada Health District to begin the process of contact tracing to inform those employees and guests who may have potentially been exposed.”

They also made it clear that experts in sanitation, American Technologies, Inc.复古传奇sf, were brought in to do a thorough cleaning of the property.

These must be worrying times for The Cosmopolitan. They say all publicity is good publicity, but definitely not in this case. With so much quality choice in the area, people will be more hesitant to stay in their resort.

This all comes straight after a Los Angeles Times journalist tweeted a video of The Cosmopolitan gaming floor just after opening. Many refused to wear masks and social distancing was almost non-existent.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board straight away amended the regulations to make masks compulsory at tables with no partition.


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