are offering at least another 50 grinders the chance to turn €1000 into a €10,000 bankroll in their #HighStakesChallenge – players keeping all their profits made if they hit the target.

By: Andrew Burnett

There have been a , which we’ll get to shortly, but the most important thing you need to know is that HighStakes will be taking a final round of applications from June 23rd - June 30th.

At least 50 players will be handed €1000 and given until September 1st to make it €10k, with all the action to be streamed for fans and followers.

There are bankroll limits players must follow though, a €10k heads-up against a mate not on the list!

Cash Games Bankroll
Up to €1 bb 1000
Up to €2 bb 2000
Up to €5 bb 3500
Up to €10bb 5000
Up to €25 bb 8000


Tournaments/SnG Bankroll
Up to €50 buy in 1000
Up to €110 buy in 2000
Up to €215 buy in 3000
Up to €500 buy in 5000

Players can grind tournaments, cash and/or SnG's, but SPINS are out and heads-up play in any format is also off the menu.

Something else you need to know is that it’s pretty much a win it all or lose it all challenge. Hit your target and you’ve bagged a massive windfall for free. Come up short and HighStakes keeps whatever you’ve won.

There is actually a €500 cash bonus if you come close but don’t quite make it, the consolation prize having a couple of requirements:

  • 1. You must have raked €2000 during the challenge, and
  • 2. Be within 70% of the goal (€7000 bankroll)

That’s because some, let’s say ‘cheeky’ players to be polite, were chancing it by taking the initial bankroll and simply not playing at all in order to bag the €500 bonus.

Just not happening say the HighStakes folks, hence the new rules.

If you hit your €10k early, that’s all good – your challenge is over and you get your profit. Lose your entire bankroll and the challenge is also done and dusted.

You’re not competing against other players though – there’s no ‘race’ to the prizes - each and every challenger could theoretically hit the €10,000 target and they’d all be paid.

You’ll have to have an active Twitch channel and have streamed all of the challenges on there with the videos saved, and you’ll need a Twitter account and tag every time they go live to compete.

If it sounds like it’s right up your street (and a free bankroll to run up is certainly not to be sniffed at) you’ll find all the rules and details over at .


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