Casinos can be incredibly fun. People come to let off some steam and go to bed happier than when they arrived, regardless of what was won or lost.

By: Mark Patrickson

Many come for a light flutter and go home millionaires after hitting an insane jackpot. Sadly, the reverse is also quite true.

Casinos can be the scene of absolute devastation. Even without those gamblers who can’t go a single day without betting on something or other, there are plenty of sad characters复古传奇sf with their own story who cut a despondent figure amid all the glitz and glamour.

Here are some stories from people who have either worked in one, or who have clearly spent many hours at the tables. The tales are both sad and shocking.

An American in Australia

Malcolm is an American who worked on a roulette station in an Australian casino. Nearby by were the video poker machines when one day there was sudden commotion when an elderly man hit the jackpot and won a sedan car of about $30,000 value.

Everyone was instantly pleased for the guy until they pulled him up onto a podium where he told how he’d put more than $600 into the machine that day. Just how much had he spent over the years?

Some days he probably spent at least $1,000 and had likely already paid for the car several times over.

复古传奇sf On another day Malcolm was stacking all the chips on his station together when a $25 chip rolled onto the floor. A man of about 60 stood nearby who then cat-like pounced onto the floor, scurrying on his hands and knees across a heavily soiled carpet, claimed the chip before getting back to his feet and legging it out of the venue.

Nobody even cared.

Malcolm then told how in those days punters were known to relieve themselves onto the floor so they would lose their seat at a “hot” table. Disgusting.

Blowing Off Steam

Gambler Tom复古传奇sf was entertaining himself one night in a casino when he noticed a lot of attention around a younger middle-aged man who was losing a ton at a blackjack table.

With a stack of $100 and $25 chips复古传奇sf he was breaking every basic strategy rule in the book and didn’t seem to care one bit.

The dealers noticed that he looked unhappy when he won and was relieved when he lost. They checked and he wasn’t drunk, so what could be the matter.

Another dealer came over and explained how he had caught his wife behaving inappropriately with either a family member or best friend and was trying to lose deliberately.

The Worst Tragedy

Juanito was a table games supervisor at Foxwoods Casino复古传奇sf, Rhode Island, when he witnessed the most awful tragedy.

A 30-something woman was losing a lot by playing without strategy and refused to take advice from a staff member, concerned about being duped into losing even more.

After several trips to the ATM she loses the lot and breaks down telling how she’s just lost the mortgage and her husband is going to leave her.

On the way home, Juanito notices the traffic is much busier than normal when he sees the aftermath of a young woman who has jumped in front of a bus. He finds out the next day that it was the same woman.

复古传奇sf As poker fans we come across so many degen stories that we become desensitised to what really goes on sometimes.

Many of these stories are posted in humorous fashion on TwoPlusTwo and in some ways this view shields us from helping those gamblers that we know. If you know anybody who isn’t gambling responsibly do what you can to push them in a better direction.


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