When we think of people landing life-changing jackpots, we tend to envision slot machines lighting up or roulette tables going wild, or even poker victories worth $millions – but some of the biggest-ever wins have come, surprisingly, in online Bingo.

By: Andrew Burnett

The simple-looking game of numbers being crossed off a card used to be associated with wrinkly blue-haired pensioners, mostly women, playing in community halls and winning enough to pay for a nice weekend.

That is no longer the case, of course, and in the internet age Bingo is as sophisticated - and lucrative - as almost any other casino game, so let’s take a look at some of the biggest Bingo wins around the world…

1.   $5.9million

The biggest win – so far at least – came in December 2012 when John Orchard turned 30p (about $0.38!) into a monster £5.9million ($7.4million at the time) on an online slots game.

That incredible windfall meant immediate retirement, John telling the local papers: “With all this money, I just wouldn’t feel right going back to work at the jobcentre. We don’t want this money to change us for the worse, but it is going to change our lives. We just want to do the right thing.”

After trading in his little Renault Clio car for a £40k Jaguar XF, and buying a new house for their daughter, 60-year old John and his wife set off to Canada to visit the great grandkids.

2.   $3.4million

You might class Anne Marie Ferrar’s $3.4million scoop in February 2015 as even better, since she only spent half of what John did for his big win.

A stake of just 15p saw Anne Marie land a Progressive jackpot that could have changed her life forever – but the sensible single mum invested most of it and went back to her old job, although only after she’d upgraded her house and taken the kids to Disneyland.

For those wondering how Bingo wins compare to some other big jackpots, last November saw a Pai Gow poker windfall of $2.3million in Vegas.

Just last week, a Bad Beat Jackpot paid out $350,000 – the normal poker version seeing most of the money go to the loser of a hand! It’s not unusual for these BBJs to top $1million.

Meanwhile, back in Bingo land….

3.   $1.3million

复古传奇sf We actually have a tie for third spot in the biggest online Bingo jackpot stakes, Lisa Potter landing her big win after getting bored watching her husband glued to the football on the TV.

Five minutes and £5 later she was a millionaire, a luxury holiday for the family (and perhaps her own ‘football-free TV as well) as celebration.

Christine Johnson’s story isn’t too dissimilar, the chiropodist unable to sleep, and even less likely to nod off 20 minutes later having bagged her $1.3million bounty.

复古传奇sf So, there you have it – you’ll probably never look at Bingo quite the same way again, the game now a huge chunk of the gaming industry.


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