When the gambling Mecca of Las Vegas opens up for business we can expect to see more than a few changes. A mixture of both positive and negative.

By: Mark Patrickson

The world will be a different place than what we remember from March 2020. All this talk of a “new normal” means that there’s no doubt safety precautions are going to be enforced by the law and not just businesses choosing what they do or don’t do.

The Bad

For poker players there’s going to be one piece of news that we all hate. There’s been rumours that many casinos won’t even bother to open up their card rooms to start with.

There have been plenty of mock up poker tables displayed on social media showing how social distancing can be maintained.

Perspex screening functions as a perfect shield between the players and dealer. Larger tables could also be manufactured to show legislators that the four players per table rule is overkill.

This is one major problem live poker is going to have for at least the remainder of the year. Only a limited section of the live poker community will want to play four-handed. Tournaments certainly couldn’t be held in this format复古传奇sf - there would never be enough entrants to make it worth the casino’s while.

As far as gaming is concerned, the purported 50% limit is going to change the atmosphere entirely. No longer will we see the scrums around the craps tables with everyone having a good time. The whole thing is in danger of feeling more than a little sterile.

It is an extreme possibility, but are the casinos at risk of overestimating how many customers will be in the city?

Might we even see some resorts open up and then close down again due to staffing costs outweighing the profits?

The Good

One major positive is going to be the increased hygiene standards of absolutely everything we come into contact with. There will be no slacking on this. Bosses will be in constant fear of not meeting the required standards and staff will be jumping through hoops to get the job done.

Some resorts have also announced that they will waive parking charges复古传奇sf. While relevant to locals, this is not something a tourist would benefit from most likely.

As we don’t think that all 14 of the Las Vegas Strip card rooms will open right away there is a chance that some of them might improve their atmosphere compared to normal.

The fact there is a limited selection available might make some become the most vibrant poker rooms we’ve ever seen. Of course, this could be wrong and we might see some open and close.

Time will tell. All there is to do now is wait and see what happens and stick to grinding online helping to keep the boom alive.


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