Poker fans seem to be siding with Bill Perkins in the Jungleman ghosting scandal debate, more than a third backing the highroller businessman while just 11% supported Jungleman…

By: Andrew Burnett

The scandal broke last week when Perkins accused a highstakes pro – one of the world’s ‘top 7’ and a supposed friend – of ghosting an amateur in a private online game.

Dan Bilzerian then came out and publicly named Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates as the pro, with Jungleman responding by claiming that as ‘everyone’ was doing it复古传奇sf he didn’t consider it unethical – an apology of sorts to Perkins accompanying his statement.

Although most of the pros, particularly his fellow highstakes players, have defended Jungleman Dan, not all of them were so forgiving or tolerant.

Tony Dunst tweeted out: ‘You forgive those who attacked your integrity by claiming you did the thing you’re admitting to doing?’ while highstakes amateur player Dan Shak responded…

It seems that lower down the poker food chain his behaviour hasn’t been well-received either, although almost a third of those who voted ‘Didn’t care’ about his actions, and a further 21.8% seem opposed to ‘private games’ in general.

Experienced highstakes pro Jason Mo feels bad “for both parties” involved.

In an exclusive HSDB interview, Mo gives his views on the ghosting situation and private games scene, stating that he assumes Perkins “felt personal trust violated” by Jungle taking over the amateur’s account.

However, he also thinks Jungleman “didn’t consider the ethics of the matter the same way Bill did”, because Cates

“knows cheating is rampant in these games” and likely thought these spots were standard since so many people do the same.

You can read the full Jason Mo interview here, including his thoughts on the role of poker media when it comes to discussing serious issues.


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