The platform has never been one to rest on its laurels. With a never ending supply of top festivals on offer they are also constantly tweaking the software and adding improvements to keep the customers satisfied.

By: Mark Patrickson

For the month of June, we will once again see a long list of changes that should keep the site as one of the very best places to play online poker today.

Game Improvements

First on the list is game settings复古传奇sf. Many players across all poker sites always find something that isn’t quite how they like it so Natural8 are quite happy to keep an eye on any suggestions and do their best to implement what works.

Game Settings Changes:

  • The My Bonus button will now say My Promo
  • The Opening BGM button will now appear in the lobby
  • On the My Page screen the Pokercraft and Message button will be removed
  • Settings menus will be separated between My Page, Reward Program, My Promo and Settings
  • My Promo will include Honeymoon and all other promotions
  • The rewards program will exclusively be the Fish Buffet
  • The My Page screen will show Balance, Balance History, and My Profile
  • The Settings page will show options for Alternative Chip Display, Auto Rebuy, Avatar, Betting, Buy-in,Language, Squeeze, Theme and Time Bank

Card Squeeze Animation:

  • The cards will now be squeezed from the side of the card instead of the top left corner#
  • The symbol and number will be shown at the top-corner of the deck if the player squeezes the card automatically, not manually

Pot Limit Omaha ( Reg tables and Rush - Tournament and Cash):

  • Hole cards will now be dealt to the small blind first and the remainder in sequence. (Currently, the hole cards are dealt to every player at once)
  • The animation speed will be slowed down to 0.6 seconds from 0.4 seconds to give a better visual display

Tournament Changes

复古传奇sf Tournaments are always being tweaked across all platforms. MTT players are notoriously picky with their scheduling and Natural8 are constantly looking for ways to keep them all happy.

This month is no exception and again there will be a long list of improvements.

Tournament Information Box:

  • All tournament summary information will be visible on the top left of the table
  • All prize information
  • All the chips stacks left in play
  • All information about rebuys and add ons
  • A transparency option will be available if the player clicks the pin button
  • The prize pool will be shown showing the admin fee deduction


  • The list of players selling action will be refreshed every one minute
  • A manual refresh button will now be available
  • Seller will now only be able to sell a maximum 90% of their action

Upcoming Satellite Tournaments:

  • Any upcoming satellite tournaments will be accessible from the main tournament lobby located directly under the tournament information box
  • The Satellite Available tab can be turned into a pop up by double clicking. Players will have full functionality through the new window to register and also to open the full satellite tournament lobby.

Phased Tournaments:

  • All Day One entries will be included in the the total entries list

Hot Key Configuration Changes

This will be the favourite group of changes for most players. Players who love to multi-table and get as much action as possible are constantly looking for ways to make the gameplay smoother.

Hot keys are now available to be changed at will复古传奇sf. The default settings are as follows.

  • Fold / Fold to any bet: F1
  • Bet / Raise: F3
  • Betting shortcut Button 1: Ctrl + 1
  • Betting shortcut Button 2: Ctrl + 2
  • Betting shortcut Button 3: Ctrl + 3
  • Betting shortcut Button 4: Ctrl + 4

All other possible hot keys have no functionality until the player changes the setting manually. The options are:

复古传奇sf Straddle, Move Table, Tile Table, Cascade Mode, Sit out on all tables on the next hand, Sit out on all tables on the next blind, Rabbit Card Open, Use Timebank, Last Hand, and Add Chips.

Accept Insurance, Decline Insurance, Run it once, Run it twice, Run it three times, Show left card, Show right card, Show all cards.

All-In Insurance Improvements

The insurance concept has been one of the most welcome additions to online poker for recreational players. The option to pay a small premium to make sure you can’t lose a big pot through bad luck复古传奇sf has helped to keep many players sane during long sessions.

For that reason there are a few tweaks coming to improve the system.

  • A simple and compact Use Insurance window will be reduced in size and constantly displayed in the bottom right corner of the table
  • All of a player’s potential outs to improve their hand will now be displayed in a four-colour deck format to reduce the possibility of misreading suits of the same colour
  • The payout on offer will be clearly shown using the odds/equity x premium formula

Spin & Gold Challenge Improvements

The Spin & Gold format has proven to be incredibly popular. The opportunity to win a whopping 12,000 times your buy-in offers life changing sums  to be won 24/7.

Here are the changes below:

  • Rake will be changed to 8%
  • A new blind level of $0.25 will be added
  • Multiplier wins of 120x or higher will be recorded in the Spin & Gold lobby. 120x + will show for 48 hours and 12,000x will show for 30 days
  • The gold accumulation will be updated as shown in the following chart

Short Deck NL Hold’em Currency Change

Those who enjoy the fast-paced short deck variant of NL Hold’em will now be able to play in US dollars instead of Chinese currency.

The jackpot pool and prizes will now be paid in dollars.

Also, there will be a new Short Deck USD tab included in the Poker craft database. The Short Deck CNY will continue to be available for 90 days after the 1st June and then will be discontinued.

Pot Limit Omaha - Cash (Reg Tables and Rush)

Cash drops will now be applied in exactly the same way as NL Hold’em, and both NL and PLO will be located in the Cash Game tab.

复古传奇sf The following default settings will apply to the PLO tables:

  • Rake Cap: 5%, 3BB
  • Blind type: SB/BB
  • Buy-in range: $2 to $200, 50BB to 100BB
  • Run-It Multiple Times: ON
  • All-In Insurance: ON

Website Atmosphere Change

Even though players must be aged 18 and over to play online poker on the Natural8 platform there is a change to help the overall atmosphere.

Offensive nicknames will now be banned and players who fall foul of this new rule will be logged out and requested to choose a new handle.

All of these changes are designed to improve the service offered to Natural8 customers. Don’t be afraid to contact customer support if you have any questions or maybe even ideas of your own.

The support team is very welcoming and is always on hand to answer any queries you might have. They also ask for you patience while a server update is carried out on June 1st 2020 08.00 - 14.00 UTC.


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