The is back this weekend, bigger and better than ever before. Sunday 31st May is a date for every poker payers diary with some hefty sums on offer. Real bankroll boosting cash.

Crazy Qualification Chances

If your bankroll is looking slim right now there’s no need to worry because tomorrow - Saturday May 30th - there will be an incredible 100 seats available for qualifiers.

No less than nine $11 satellite tournaments will be spread throughout the day offering 10 tickets to any $109 Sunday Super Seoul event of your choice.

There will also be one $50 buy-in satellite with 10 prizes of entry to the $535 Super Seoul tournament that crowns Sunday’s schedule.

All of these satellites offer you a chance to line up with some real high stakes regs, many that are star names复古传奇sf across the poker community.

Sunday Schedule

Tournament Buy In Rake GTD
Seoul R 100 9 10000
Seoul Freeze 100 9 10000
Seoul Re-Entry 100 9 10000
Seoul Supersonic 100 9 5000
Seoul Bounty 100 + 100 18 5000
Super Seoul 500 35 10000

If you win a ticket for any of these events you should be aware that it expires after late registration ends.


have come up with the . The chance to pick up a €1,000 bankroll for nothing.

All you have to do is collect your free cash and turn it into €10,000 over a 60 day period and you get to keep it!

Any promo cash you win will also be added to your account balance ready for withdrawal.

How many other online poker platforms dish out value like this?

复古传奇sf Let’s examine the different permutations that can come out of this.

If you lose everything, the entire €1,000, then there’s no harm done. You got plenty of action as well as the chance to win big.

If you are still grinding hard when your 60-day deadline comes then it depends on how much you have. If you still have the €1,000 bankroll gifted to you then you’ll get a cool €500 as a thank you present复古传奇sf from the HighStakes team.

Hit the magic €10,000 line and you keep the lot.

You must be prepared to play sensibly though. To prevent people from not taking it seriously and trying to do it all in one day there are some bankroll restrictions to be aware of.

复古传奇sf The table below shows when you can move up and when you must move down.

Cash Games Bankroll
Up to €1 bb 1000
Up to €2 bb 2000
Up to €5 bb 3500
Up to €10bb 5000
Up to €25 bb 8000


Tournaments/SnG Bankroll
Up to €50 buy in 1000
Up to €110 buy in 2000
Up to €215 buy in 3000
Up to €500 buy in 5000

You must also stream your exploits on a Twitch channel after using Twitter to inform the poker community, whilst also not forgetting to tag the .

Nobody is expecting you to be a professional streamer so don’t worry about your set up复古传奇sf. Simply check out how to set up screen sharing software and you’re away.

Before starting your challenge, don’t forget to get your HighStakes account verified after making a small deposit of only €10.

And just in case the idea crossed your mind, don’t even think about chip dumping to friends. Site security will be keeping a close eye on all hands played.

Also, if you’ve got any friends into poker, during the challenge you will be able to operate an affiliate account receiving 7% of all rake that your sign ups pay. You can even tell them that there’ll be a free €5复古传奇sf waiting for them even before they verify their identities.

King Of HighStakes €5,000 Cash Leaderboard

The will be running again through June. The top 50 players who rake the most during the month will receive cash prizes复古传奇sf that can be withdrawn immediately.

The top prize is €500 scaling all the way down to €10 for 50th place.

Check out the current leaderboard where Turkey’s Can23 is starting to run away with May’s race.

Points are calculated as €1 Rake = 100 Points.

New Schedule

The MTT schedule has recently been revamped. Changes were made for May’s tournaments which have been positively received by players.

复古传奇sf You can check out what’s happening for the end of the month .

There’s plenty of action available on HighStakes these days. Offers and bonuses that are not rivaled anywhere online can be found on the site. The  €1,000 free bankroll to play with is insane value and all you have to lose is some time with your hobby.


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