The UK Gambling Commission has reported that the number of casual gamblers has risen during the COVID-19 lockdown. However, they have also pointed out that problem gambling is not increasing.

By: Mark Patrickson

Keeping a Close eye

When the worldwide lockdown was implemented the UKGC was quick to act and communicated with all operators that infractions of the regulations would not be tolerated.

Neil McArthur, chairman of the UKGC, said that now was the time to be sticking to the rules and not let greed take over. Exploitation of the vulnerable would be stamped out without hesitation.

The UKGC contracted YouGov, a top survey company in London, to collect data on how people were gambling during the lockdown.

Out of 2,339 adults we saw that the number of first time gamblers was rising but more than 20% of these people were only playing the lottery. Barely more than 2% were trying out casino games, slots, and poker for the first time.

The most welcome information provided by YouGov shows that even though more people were gambling the spending patterns were not harmful.

One unexpected stat that came up was that only 3% of British poker players and casino gamblers said they were playing even more than before.

Over the last couple of months online poker traffic has hit a five year high with the game enjoying a mini-boom and super soft tables to be found everywhere. Why are there not more new British poker players?

复古传奇sf Time will tell as the lockdown policy begins to ease. Will the gambling industry keep hold of their new customers or will everything revert back to how it was in the new year.


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