The scintillating CHOKER Cup see its first poker vs poker matchup this week as Bill Perkins and Matt Staples get ready to do battle in the most action-packed mindsport game ever – and fans of the chess and poker hybrid can watch it Live and Free this Thursday 21st May at 10pm CEST and 4PM EDT.

By: Andrew Burnett

CHOKER has grabbed the imagination of both the chess world and the poker community since launching earlier this year, and the inaugural CHOKER Cup will decide who is the best at the mixed format strategy game.

Seven challengers have emerged in the battle to take on the 5-time US chess title winner Hikaru Nakamura in a bid to take down the coveted title – and we’ll explain later how YOU could be the mystery wildcard 8th contender.

First up, a brief look at the rules of the exciting and fun-filled “Mixed Mind Sport”复古传奇sf which sees players betting on their chess-piece cards and trying to scoop the pot over the chessboard.

  • Players are dealt 5 cards each, from a 44-card pack, with a chess piece depicted on each card
  • The betting rounds occur after 2, 4 and 5 cards are dealt. If you like the look of your chess pieces (how valuable they are, not aesthetically-pleasing!) then you’ll be more inclined to check, bet, call or raise (or fold, of course).
  • Once the betting rounds are completed (if neither you nor your opponent has folded) you place the chess pieces you have been dealt in specially-marked zones.
  • Note that you already have a king each, with one pawn each on the square in front of the monarch, and you’ll have seven pieces each in total by the time the actual chess game starts.
  • After that, it’s a traditional chess game, the winner taking down the pot, checkmate – or CHOKEMATE! – the ultimate goal, though not the only way to win.

So far in the CHOKER Cup we have seen English chess Grandmaster Simon ‘GingerGM’ Williams lose a brutal encounter to American International Master Eric Rosen复古传奇sf in the first quarter-final.

That 3-0 scoreline was emulated the following week by Brazil’s Raffael ‘Chess’ Santos, who downed the Hungarian chess queen Anna Rudolf.

Both matches were commentated live by poker’s TwitchTV guru and CHOKER ambassador Jeff Gross, with the chess expertise coming from England’s International Master Malcolm Pein who runs the globally-acclaimed London Chess Classic.

This week it’s the match that many have been waiting for – Thirst Lounge boss Bill Perkins – philanthropist and doyen of the highstakes scene – taking on Matt Staples, poker pro and streamer who has gone from the micros to the poker big league in record-breaking time.

Fans of both games and both players will be able to watch the  this Thursday 21st May at 10pm CEST and 4PM EDT复古传奇sf, although it’s anyone’s guess who will take down the victory.

Poker has always been popular with chess players and recently the love has been reciprocated, the likes of Charlie Carrel and Daniel Negreanu复古传奇sf taking to the 64 squares with a vengeance.

Plenty of lesser lights, your writer included, have taken to the hybrid version of CHOKER and there’s still a chance for you to be the Wildcard who takes on Canadian FIDE Master Alexandra Botez复古传奇sf in the fourth quarter-final next week.

One of the most-followed TwitchTV chess streamers in the world, Alexandra has been practising with ‘friendly’ battles against Anna Rudolf, but how would she fair against you?

To be in with a chance, simply download the CHOKER app at one of the links below and enter the prize draw for the Wildcard spot.

 at Google Play

 at Apple App Store

…and if you need some handy hints and tips for playing the hybrid mindsport game then check out this link for some …

The undisputed king at the top of the CHOKER pyramid is the phenomenally-talented Hikaru Nakamura, the 5-time chess champion of the USA.

With a chess Olympiad gold medal and a world number 1 ranking in blitz chess, Hikaru is also a mad-keen poker player, having played the WSOP and unlikely to give up his CHOKER crown without a fight, so far undefeated against all-comers.

The CHOKERMaster has been paying close attention to his prospective challengers though…

复古传奇sf The first big question is whether Bill Perkins or Matt Staples will win through to a semi-final spot, and we’ll be bringing you all the best of the action as the pair match their chess and poker minds in CHOKER battle.

My money is on Bill to sneak through with a 2-1 win, but I also backed Simon and Anna who both lost, so…tune in this  to see if we have another 3-0 in the CHOKER house!


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