Overlays in poker tournaments aren’t usually considered a good thing for the rooms running them, but have decided they are the perfect marketing tool as they look to expand their N8GG Masters event in 2020

By: Andrew Burnett

An overlay, in case you didn’t know, is when the number of buy-ins don’t reach the guaranteed prizepool – in which case the extra money comes out of the cardroom’s own pocket.

To give an example, if a tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000, a buy in of $1000 and 90 players enter, the players will contribute only $90,000 to the prizepool. That other $10k comes from the pokerroom.

For players, of course, it is an ideal situation – more money and fewer rivals in the race to bag a payout.

For Natural8, it appears to be the long-run that matters – the overlays a deliberate approach designed to increase excitement and eventual profit from their Sunday biggie.

The N8GG Masters – running every Sunday at 17:00 (UTC+0), with a $150 buy-in – has overlaid 14 times from its 17 outings this year. That has cost N8 a whopping $464,448 in overlays, from a total of $6,188,274复古传奇sf paid out in prize money.

A Natural8 spokesperson explained this week, "We're constantly looking for ways to grow the N8GGMasters 2020 Tournament. Even though there have been a significant amount we've had to make up in overlays, we continuously increase guarantees so players will have more incentive to participate. The guarantees started at $250,000 in January and are now at $500,000 so the numbers really speak for themselves."

Strange as it may seem on first hearing, N8 have indeed steadily bumped up the prizepool, at times even above and beyond the overlay.

So, when they missed the $250k guarantee in their opening week – having to shell out $28k in overlay – they simply increased the guarantee for the following week to $300k.

Counterintuitive as it may sound, by mid-March they finally hit the guarantee and…promptly increased it yet again, firstly to $400k and then to $500k.

Player numbers in the event have more than doubled since its inaugural running – from roughly 1600 to 3600 – and show no signs of easing off.

Part of the appeal for players – other than the chance at some free money – is that the N8GG Masters is running a Player of the Year leaderboard race.

The prize? A chance to become an ambassador for the Natural8 network, which will see the lucky winner alongside Kitty Kuo, Michael Soyza and other well-known pros.

Soyza in fact landed another big title just this week, taking down the first High Roller at the APT Online Series that has just started on Natural8.

For more information about the weekly N8GG Masters and the ongoing APT Online Series, .


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