Tom durrrr Dwan has walked away from a high stakes cash game in London because he now thinks that NL Hold em is too boring.

By: Mark Patrickson

The celebrity high stakes player doesn’t normally look like he’s ever going to get excited but now it seems like he has no tolerance for boredom at all. Check out the latest Triton Les Ambassadeurs NLHE Private Game Episode 4复古传奇sf to see him complaining, slapping the table in frustration, and then storming off.

Short Deck Is Where it’s At

Anyone who has been following the excellent Triton Super High Roller series around the world will have noticed that Short Deck NL Hold’em has become the latest craze.

复古传奇sf High stakes cash and tournament players are finding it a refreshing change from regular NL which many think is becoming stale at the top level due to the use of GTO solvers.

Dwan doesn’t play online now but has become one of the most seen players around the high stakes cash game world复古传奇sf in Asia, Macau in particular.

Macau is famous for its casinos with thousands of visitors from Mainland China making the trip on a regular basis as gambling is a legal grey area where they live.

Could it be true that Dwan Might be losing his passion for the game? It seems unbelievable that this might be the case but if you can’t get some adrenaline going playing a £2,000/£4,000/£4,000 cash game for literally millions then there probably isn’t any hope.

Rumours have abounded that Dwan is heavily staked to play in games such as this, so maybe his deal isn’t as great as people think and that is the final straw.

That said, it is true that he has played almost nothing but Short Deck NL for a long time and taking a step back to a drier game will certainly mean a loss of excitement no matter what the stakes.


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