BlackFortuna is a screen name that made its way to the high stakes PLO action running on PokerStars. The first sight of the German crusher was in March of 2017 where he found instant success, according to the graphs recorded by HSDB:

By: James Currie

The German no name still remains anonymous however, and did not spend long at the PLO tables before dragging in $325k in profits. From January 2018 until May that year, “BlackFortuna” played with some of the highest caliber players such as “BERRI SWEET” and “sk2ll_m0dR”.

“BlackFortuna”’s twitter account tells us that he is an avid lover of the game and has been playing for years, but prefers playing PLO over NLHE. Back in 2014, he tweeted PokerStars saying:

In the same year, he was also pictured in a photograph with long time poker pro Lex Veldhuis. The Twitch streamer posted a photo of the two, alongside PLO players “osiasgriffin” and ”nesselita”.

Although his results only recap under a year of high stakes action复古传奇sf, “BlackFortuna” was for sure busy during his time playing, stating that he used to eight table zoom PLO - an absurd amount of volume that PokerStars unfortunately does not offer the chance to play anymore. He posted a picture on his Twitter account from one of his sickest sessions:

Since ending his streak of winning in May 2018复古传奇sf, we have not heard a peep from the screen name and he has not been recorded playing any high stakes cash games. Having said that, he’s still remained active in tournaments during the last year and appears to be involved in some of the high stakes games running on PokerStars.

High stakes PLO player “JNandez87” reviewed a $100/$200 session “BlackFortuna” played last year on PokerStars:


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